Glen Rock Athletic Club

Q - How do I reserve the hall?

A - First check the availability calendar located here  Also on this page there is a link to our rental agreement.  Please download and email to Paul Schneider at

Q - Can I come to see the hall?

A - Yes. We are open every day by 2PM.  Stop by anytime and someone will be happy to show it to you.

Q - Can I bring my own refreshments and food?

A - The GRAC does not supply food or beverages - it's the obligation of the renter.

Q - Must I use a bartender?

A - Yes.  We are required by New Jersey state law to provide a bartender if you are serving alcohol.

Q - Is there an oven I can use?

A - No.  Some parties use sterno to keep their dishes warm.

Q - Is there a refrigerator I can use?

A - Yes.  There is a refrigerator in the hall that the renters can use.

Q - Do you supply ice?

A - No.  We do have an ice machine that can be used sparingly in the event of an emergency.

Q - How many tables and chairs are there?

A - We have 8 round tables and 80 chairs.

Q - How many people can fit in the hall?

A - We have room for 80 people in the hall, the Patio is also available to reserve at an extra charge of $250.

Q - How much is the rental?

A - It's $475 for a five-hour rental plus a separate check for $200 that we hold as a security deposit.  The Patio can also be reserved for an additional $250.  The security deposit check will be returned provided that the hall is left in broom clean condition and the tables and chairs have been put away.

Q - How long is the rental?

A - It's a 5-hour rental.  Additional hours can be purchased for $100 per hour.  Additional hours must be scheduled at time of booking.

Q - Can I get in early to set up?

A - Yes, we try to be flexible in giving you time to set up.  It depends on what is going on the day of your party.  It's best to check with us the day before the event.  We ask that you are completely cleaned up and out of the hall by your scheduled end time.

Q - Can I really not use glitter?

A - Really. You may not use glitter for decorating.

Q - What are my responsibilities as the renter?

A - As the renter, you will be required to set up all tables and chairs, as well as put them away at the completion of the rental.  The room must be empty of all trash and decorations and broom swept by the end of your rental time to avoid additional cleaning fees being deducted from your security deposit.



Hall Rental FAQ